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Ulrich Heun

  • Structuring an ISMS (German BSI IT-Baseline Protection)
  • Structuring an ISMS (ISO 27001)
  • Structuring an ISMS (ISIS 12)
  • Audits ISO 27001 (native)
  • Audits Data Protection
  • Consulting: German IT Baseline Protection
  • Consulting: ISO 27001
  • Beratung und Consulting: ISIS 12
  • Consulting: Data Protection
  • Datenschutzmanagement nach BDSG
  • Datenschutzmanagement nach LDSG
  • Creation of IT Security Concepts (German BSI Standard 200-2)
  • Information Security Controlling / Security KPI (ISO 27004)
  • Emergency Management and -Planning (German BSI Standard 200-4)
  • Penetration Tests / Blackout Practice
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management (German BSI Standard 200-3)
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management (ISO 27005)
  • Sensibility and Awareness
  • Workshops, Training, Coaching
  • verinice: Implementing an ISMS
  • verinice: Customizing (Data Model, GUI, Reports)
  • verinice: Workshops
  • verinice: GSTOOL-Migration mit Datenübernahme nach verinice
Business sectors
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Energy Supply
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Trading
  • Industry Sector
  • IT-Services
  • Logistics
  • Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • Media and Publishing
  • Public Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Center
  • Software- and Hardware Vendors
  • Technology Companies
  • Utilities and Waste Management Companies
  • Trade Associations
  • Other Service Providers

As a consulting firm for demanding requirements, we design solutions that guarantee our customers a permanently high added value in their information security. These are DAX and other companies that are market leaders and therefore put great importance onto above-average professional, innovative and quality-oriented concepts. Trust has made CARMAO one of the top addresses in consulting for information security, data protection, data center security and IT emergency management.

The development of our own methods in the CHARISMA framework is also an expression of our special competencies. They serve the faster and above all also more successful project realization on premium level, no matter which requirements in the management of information security are to be fulfilled. Behind this are process models based on extensive best practice experience and intelligent optimization methods.

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