verinice.PRO: the core application server

available via software subscription

.PRO Advantages

The advantages verinice.PRO offers in comparison to verinice: 

  • Optimized database access and caching for significantly better performance.
  • Central IS repository on server 
  • Multiple users can work simultaneously 
  • No restrictions on the number of clients who can use the verinice.PRO serverwithin an organization 
  • Distributed access from remote sites over HTTP or HTTPS. 
  • User authorization: finely grained read/write permissions.
  • Web-frontend: engage your employees in the information security process by distributing task lists over the web-frontend
  • Distribute tasks and dead-lines using e-mail notifications
  • Centrally controlled updates of server and clients.
  • Available as package repository for CentOS and RHEL.
  • Also available as a pre-configured and installed VMWare appliance for VMWare Player, VMWare Server and ESX Server.
  • Optional support services for installation, configuration, maintenance and customizing available by SerNet
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