Updates for verinice clients

This pages describes how to update verinice.

Please note that there is a separate guide for updating the verinice single-user version from a version older than 1.18 to the latest release:


Buy verinice 

You can buy verinice directly in the verinice.SHOP: You establish a shop account and buy the software in the current version. At Instant Downloads you are entitled to download and install the software.

As soon as a new verinice version is available you will be notified by the software itself.

Get an update

To buy the new verinice version you again enter the verinice.SHOP. Please be advised: After procurement of the new version you should not download and install it over the old one. Instead use the built-in update mechanism of the already installed version.

To update your installed version, verinice asks you for username and password. This information is also available in the shop at Instant Downloads directly next to the procured product:

  • The username is a long text code similar to this: "vn114-m64-36-nQKuE...."
  • The password is always the same: "verinice"

If you encounter problems during updates do not hesitate to contact us via mail at sales@remove-this.sernet.com.

Back-up your verinice

Please ensure that you back-up your data before the update: either by means of the export function of verinice or by creating a backup copy of the verinice workspace. If you did not make an adjustment for the -data setting using the verinice.ini (found in the verinice installation directory), the work directory (the directory "verinice") is created in the user directory by default.

Problems with your update?

Please feel free to contact us – we're here to help you!

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