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verinice1.6.2 is out

Download verinice in version 1.6.2 - new in this release:

  • Vulnerability Tracking with Greenbone GSM and verinice

    With verinice and Greenbone / OpenVAS, you're well prepared when ISO 27001:2013 is published, come the end of 2013! It increases the importance of the detection and removal of software with known technical vulnerabilities with the (extended) section A.12.6 "Technical Vulnerability Management" and the new  A.18.1.3 "Technical Compliance Inspection"!
    You can import your scan results from Greenbone GSM / OpenVAS directly into verinice and use it there as part of your risk analysis. Users of IT baseline protection benefit from the new automated import of GSM IT Baseline Protection scans via the verinice webservice.
  • Workflow-based vulnerability tracking and patch management

    With verinice.PRO you can go further in tracking vulnerabilities: Do you know the problem, that you're faced with hundreds or thousands of identified vulnerabilities and now you have to evaluate and aggregate them by topic and responsibility? Can you still manage the timely fix of these vulnerabilities if you use distributed responsibilities - maybe even worldwide - that have to be considered in patch management?
    Verinice.PRO brings a new type of workflow specifically designed for this purpose. Identified weak spots are packed in compact groups for individual managers, are communicated via e-mail notification and web frontend and the prompt correction is monitored by the workflow enginge of verinice.PRO. The configurable, regularly scheduled transfer from the scanner to verinice confirmes the adjustment as final instance - or uncovers the patching of vulnerable software left undone.
  • The verinice risk catalog
    The new verinice risk catalog is now available in our webshop. It facilitates and accelerates the implementation of a risk assessment in accordance to ISO 27005. Our new screencast shows the use of the catalog and the basic risk assessment methodology in verinice - see Both, the screencast and the catalog, are available in German and English.
    The catalog is already included in verinice.PRO subscriptions.
  • The vernice.PARTNER network
    On our new site you will now find a steadily growing list of experienced advisers. They have already mastered  several projects with verinice / verinice.PRO, successfully coached their customers and can achieve the goals set by them. verinice.PARTNER support you accordingly to their specialities both with the technical implementation of a information security project / audits as well as the installation and maintenance of a verinice instance.
  • Entry forms take dependencies with regard to contents into account
    All entry forms in verinice support to show and hide form fields depending on previous selections. Thus, for example the fields for the required levels of protection disappear as soon as the user selects the "maximum principle" for automatic inheritance. These dependencies can now be found in many places, they provide an improved overview as well as improve data quality.

Please check the general instructions for the update and the release notes (German only at the moment).

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