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Yesterday, the BSI released the metadata update for the 12th supplemental set of the IT-Baseline Catalogs (German only). As of now, this update is available for verinice users.

For users of the free version of verinice the catalog can be found on our download server:

After downloading, the file has to be selected in the settings of verinice:

Menu -> Einstellungen -> BSI IT-Grundschutz -> ZIP-Datei mit GS-Katalogen

Please note: Unlike before, the version that is available on the BSI website for download cannot be used in verinice directly. Please use the above mentioned file only.

For users of verinice.PRO a new RPM package is ready in the repository. It can be installed using the normal update command. After updating the RPM package verinice.PRO the configuration of the server has to be changed in order for the new file to be processed. In the file:


change the property




Please note the list of changes of the 12th supplemental set compared to the previous version. In particular, changes in individual actions, that have to be considered as part of your basic security check. Changes such as discontinued measures are represented by verinice after the import. Changes in the content of individual measures must be reviewed by the security officer and possibly be re-evaluated.

When transferring the existing results to revised modules the verinice consolidation feature can be of help.

The complete description of all changes can be found in the PDF document provided by the BSI, see chapter "New": IT-Grundschutz-Kataloge-12-EL.pdf

Here is a short list of the main new features:

  • Module 3.403 answering machineremoved
  • Module 5.10 Internet Information Server removed
  • Module 5.11 Apache Webserver removed
  • Module 3.401 PBX revised
  • Module 5.3 Groupware revised (former title : "E -mail" )
  • Module 5.4 Webserver revised
  • Module 4.8 Bluetooth added
  • Module 3.305 Terminal Server added
  • Module 3.304 virtualization added
  • Module 5.18 DNS server added
  • Module 5.19 Internet use added

Note for verinice.PRO installations: In order to include the new Grundschutzkatalog immediately, the cache of the application server needs to be emptied. Proceed as followed.

1. Stop the Tomcat-Server.

2. Delete all files in the folder /var/cache/tomcat/temp/ .

3. Deploy the changes in the file "". It is located in the directory /usr/share/tomcat6/webapps/veriniceserver/WEB-INF/ and contains the properties and preferences of the Baseline Catalogs to be used.

4. Restart the Tomcat-Server.

The new version 1.5.3 of verinice is available in our download area.

New in this Release

  • The export of large IT organizations and associations runs faster.
  • The web front-end is converted to new surface elements, making it compatible with more versions of browsers. (verinice.PRO)
  • If you select the import option "Integrate", links will also be imported. (Bugfix)
  • The general CSV import is working properly again. (Bugfix)
  • Beta: A new view shows all of the ISO 27000 objects which can be edited. (verinice.PRO)

The VDesigner 1.5.2 is available for all users of verinice.PRO. As a standalone software package, it provides advanced users with the ability to customize the verinice report templates and enables them to create own report templates.

The VDesigner allows:

  • to change logos, page headers, fonts and layout related aspects in reports
  • to filter table content according to various criteria, to sort, and to aggregate results
  • to work on existing or own charts with the integrated wizard
  • to add your own object properties (customizing) in existing tables
  • complex issues (nested tables, own queries)

The VDesigner is based on the open source BIRT framework. Users who already have experience using the BIRT report designer will find their way in VDesigner quickly.

The Designer is downloadable from the repository in the verinice.PRO VDesigner folder. There you can also find a quick guide with some examples as well as the templates of the reports contained in verinice.

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