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Farewell to 32 bit

SerNet discontinues the production of Windows 32bit versions for verinice from Release 1.20 onwards.

After the 32 bit versions for the Linux operating system were discontinued a few months ago, the end for old Windows operating systems that still run on 32 bit will come soon. The verinice 1.19 released after it-sa 2019 will be the last version to include updates for 32bit Windows. The following version verinice 1.20 will be released in spring 2020 and will then only be released as a 64 bit version, just like under Linux and macOS.

SerNet has already stopped selling the 32 bit version for Windows with immediate effect! Only those who still have 32 bit variants running can get updates until spring 2020. 32 bit users are strongly advised to switch to 64 bit as soon as possible.

The SerNet sales team will be happy to answer any questions you may have about this changeover: By e-mail to and by telephone at +49.551.370000-0.

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