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Innovations for verinice BCMS: Security and continuity go hand in hand

The risk landscape is becoming increasingly complex and dynamic - maintaining business continuity is a top priority for organizations of all sizes and sectors. verinice, the leading open source solution for information security management, is introducing updates for integrated emergency management: The two products "verinice Business Continuity Management BCMS (200-4)" and "verinice Business Continuity Management BCMS (ISO 22301)" have received numerous new features and improvements. Both are available as free add-ons for verinice in the Shop. They provide organizations with a robust foundation for their BCMS and seamless integration with existing information security management systems (ISMS).

verinice Business Continuity Management BCMS (200-4)

This update provides a comprehensive basis for implementing and maintaining a BCMS, compliant with BSI standard 200-4, and integrates a detailed requirements catalog and a sample database. A key feature of the update is the introduction of a new Business Impact Analysis (BIA) view, which provides a graphical representation of process and resource dependencies. This simplifies the review and consolidation of BIA parameters, which supports a more efficient design of business continuity measures. In addition, the requirements catalog for BSI standard 200-4 has been implemented as a module in a separate information network, which provides a condensed overview of all relevant requirements of the standard. The 200-4 standard is also practicable for first-time users and SMEs thanks to the stage model that can also be implemented in verinice with reactive, structural and standard BCMS and supports the step-by-step development of a BCMS. The newly integrated standard reports enable documentation and communication, e.g. to management.

verinice Business Continuity Management BCMS (ISO 22301)

The update for the ISO 22301 version builds on the compatible foundation between the BSI 200-4 standard and ISO 22301 to exploit synergies between these standards. In addition to the introduction of the new BIA view, this update also includes structural adjustments in the ISM perspective. Furthermore, new BCM standard reports have also been introduced for the BCMS according to ISO 22301, which enable a clear presentation of the results of each phase of the PDCA cycle and thus simplify analysis and reporting.

Tutorials are now available for both application perspectives (both 200-4 and ISO 22301), which provide step-by-step instructions for getting started and are helpful for BCM implementation in verinice.

BCM as the perfect complement to an ISMS

The addition of BCM functionalities to verinice underlines the importance of a holistic view of information and business process security. BCMS and ISMS complement each other ideally by forming a robust line of defense against various threats to business continuity and information security. The integration of both systems in verinice enables organizations to be prepared for emergencies and crises while ensuring the security of sensitive information. This synergy enables a comprehensive risk assessment and management strategy that optimizes both business resilience and critical data protection.

With the updates, verinice supports organizations seeking seamless integration and management of their BCMS and ISMS. By continuously developing and adapting to current standards, verinice demonstrates its role as an ideal tool in the field of information security and emergency management.

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