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New JRE coming: verinice opts for AdoptOpenJDK

Starting with version 1.18 verinice will include a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) of the AdoptOpenJDKinitiative. AdoptOpenJDK creates JRE which contain all security patches and may be used free of charge. For verinice users nothing will change: verinice will still contain a current JRE and the verinice.TEAM will keep the installation as easy as possible.

Previously (incl. version 1.17.x) verinice contained a JRE, which was published by Oracle free of charge. However, Oracle changed the Java release cycle and the license for the JRE in 2018, so that it will no longer be possible to deliver verinice with the Oracle JRE from 2019 on.

Further details and background information can be found in the verinice.FORUM (thread in German).

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