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VDA ISA 4.1.0: Englisch beta version for verinice available

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The verinice.TEAM has released the first beta version of the Information Security Assessment Version 4.1.0 of the German Association of the Automotive Industry (VDA ISA 4.1.0) for use in verinice. An english version is now also available. The corresponding CSV file can be found in the verinice.FORUM. (Please note: The initial post and the thread are German only, however the link for the English beta version is embedded.)

The current version can already be integrated into verinice and be used for asssessments. However, users should note that this beta version is explicitly intended for testing and not for productive use!

In addition, the following restrictions apply:

  • Module 24 Data Protection cannot yet be documented (supported with verinice 1.18 from week 15 2019).
  • The report templates will be supplemented by the modules 23 Third Party Integration and 25 Prototype Protection. They will be made available in the coming weeks (see Extension of the VDA ISA Report Templates for Version 4.1.0 1 – again: thread in German only).

All relevant notes as well as further details are also compiled in the corresponding thread in the verinice.FORUM. The verinice.TEAM is looking forward to feedback and a lively discussion.

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