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verinice 1.8: Comfortable information security handling

verinice 1.8 has been released. The new version is ready to be downloaded here.

verinice 1.8 delivers a couple of new features to make the management of your ISMS even more friendly and efficient:

  • Generic workflow
    When the deadline for a task has passed, the task stays with the person responsible. The initiator of the task receives a notification email. The asignee can request to postpone the deadline and the initiator can accept or deny this request.
  • Deleting objects during import
    When repeatedly importing objects from the same data source, it is now possible to delete objects from a previous import that have also been removed in the source.
  • Read permissions in task view
    The task view now regards read permissions of objects. A task is only displayed to the user when the user is also allowed to see the object for which the task has been created.
  • Read permissions in file view
    Read permissions are now considered in the file view. Files are only displayed when the user also has permissions to read the object to which the file has been attached.
  • Object path in the relation view
    The relation view now shows breadcrumbs for each displayed link target as a tooltip.
  • Cc- and Bcc-Recipient for emails
    It is now possible to configure a Cc or Bcc address that is used in every email sent out by the email notification feature.
  • Default directory for report templates
    The report dialog remembers the used template folder if the user selects this option.

Please regard the general notes for updating.

The new features in verinice 1.8 come from user requests. By close and frequent communication with the support and development team, users were able to communicate their experiences and to initiate improvements. We continue to promote this vibrant exchange. Please write us at - we will consider your concerns. 

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