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verinice supports the implementation of VDA ISA 6

VDA ISA 6 in verinice

The use of version 6 of the VDA ISA catalog is mandatory for companies that are certified as part of the TISAX assessment procedure. verinice supports VDA ISA 6 - the new catalog is currently available for download via the verinice forum.

New features in VDA ISA Version 6

VDA ISA Version 6 introduces new labels for confidentiality and availability and expands the security assessments to include OT systems. In addition, the new edition includes a larger number of control questions on data protection, which enables a more thorough review and strengthening of data protection practices.

Furthermore, the controls have been revised, updated and expanded to provide a consistent basis for the further development of information security. References to other security standards and the more precise description of requirements facilitate international application and the consistent implementation of security measures. The basic language English supports global comprehensibility and uniformity.

Advantages of VDA ISA Version 6 for verinice users

With the VDA ISA perspective in verinice, companies can efficiently carry out information security assessments. The new VDA ISA 6 catalog can be used in verinice version 1.27 and enables users to implement the new and stricter requirements directly in the tool. Integration is currently carried out manually, the necessary content and instructions are available in the verinice forum.

Starting with verinice 1.28, implementation will be even easier: the catalog will then be integrated directly into verinice again, which will further simplify compliance processes.

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