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Consulting and Support

Alexander Nolte

  • German BSI IT Baseline Protection: Audits
  • German BSI IT-Baseline Protection: Structuring an ISMS
  • BSI IT-Grundschutz: Beratung und Consulting
  • German BSI Standard 200-2: Creation of IT Security Concepts
  • German BSI Standard 100-3: Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • German BSI Standard 100-4: Emergency Management and Planning
  • ISO 27001: Audits
  • ISO 27001: Structuring an ISMS
  • ISO 27001: Consulting
  • ISO 27005: Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Penetration Tests / Blackout Practice
  • Sensibility and Awareness
  • Workshops, Training, Coaching
  • verinice: Installation and Setup
  • verinice: Implementing an ISMS
  • verinice: Customizing (Data Model, GUI, Reports)
  • verinice: Workshops
  • verinice: GSTOOL-Migration mit Datenübernahme nach verinice
Zertifizierungen / Qualifikationen
  • KHZG-Zertifikat
  • Automotive
  • Energy Supply
  • Financial Services
  • Healthcare
  • Trading
  • Industry Sector
  • IT-Services
  • Logistics
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Machinery and Plant Engineering
  • Fashion and Design
  • Public Administration
  • Manufacturing
  • Data Center
  • Software- and Hardware Vendors
  • Technology Companies
  • Insurance
  • Utilities and Waste Management Companies
  • Trade Associations

About neam

neam is an owner-managed, medium-sized IT consulting company with currently over 80 certified, highly qualified employees at the Paderborn, Wiesbaden and Berlin locations. In the business division
information security, we advise our customers holistically on all topics relating to Information security management systems (ISMS) according to the standards ISO 27001 or BSI IT basic protection and emergency management.

We take care of the sensitization of employees and list our customers desire also for certification. Our penetration testers and auditors check the current security level, identify and evaluate risks and show
recommendations for action.

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