HowTo: Update to verinice 1.17 and 1.18

Upgrades from version 1.18. to version 1.19 can be done automatically within the tool!

This documents provides information about updates for the following verinice versions:

  • from 1.16 to 1.17
  • from 1.17 to 1.17.x
  • from 1.17.x to 1.18.x or 1.19

With verinice 1.17 and 1.18 there is a technically necessary version jump of the Rich Client Platform (RCP) on which verinice is based. An automatic update from an older client to verinice 1.18 is therefore not possible. Users who are using e.g. version 1.17 and want to update to verinice 1.18 have to reinstall verinice 1.18 manually and then apply the verinice 1.17 settings in a small step. To update the verinice.PRO server to version 1.18, please use the package manager "yum" as usual (see details on the verinice.PRO update).

This pages describes how to update your verinice (single user or verinice.EVAL) 

Buy verinice 

You can buy verinice directly in the verinice.SHOP: You establish a shop account and buy the software in the current version. At Instant Downloads (in your shop account) you are entitled to download and install the software. Please also note that an automatic update within verinice is only possible from the immediate predecessor release of the current version.

As soon as a new verinice version is available you will be notified by the software itself. verinice 1.18 is downloadable in the Instant Downloads section of your shop account as well.

Back-up your verinice

Please ensure that you back-up your data before the update: either by means of the export function of verinice or by creating a backup copy of the verinice workspace. If you did not make an adjustment for the -data setting using the verinice.ini (found in the verinice installation directory), the work directory (the directory "verinice") is created in the user directory by default.

The following text describes the manual update from an former version to 1.19:


verinice is installed on your computer, e.g. version 1.17 in the folder:  C:\Programme\verinice-1.17

Installing verinice 1.19

Download the zip archive with version 1.19 from the verinice.SHOP or from your verinice.PRO server. Unpack the zip archive in any folder, e.g: C:\Programs\verinice-1.19

Copy settings from previous versions

Open the file verinice.ini from the installation folder of verinice 1.17 with a text editor. In our example the path isC:\Programs\verinice-1.17\verinice.ini.

Open the file verinice.ini from the installation folder of verinice 1.19 with a text editor. In our example, the path of the file is: C:\Programs\verinice-1.19\verinice.ini.

In both files you will find a line-data. This one and the next line for example look like this:




Compare these lines in the two files. If the lines are identical, you don't have to do anything. If the lines are not the same, then copy the lines from the verinice 1.17 file to the version 1.19 file. Then save the modified file.

Starting verinice 1.19

You can now start verinice 1.19 by double-clicking on verinice.exe. In our example the path is:C:\Programs\verinice-1.19\verinice.exe. The settings and data from the old version will be imported.

Problems with your update?

Please feel free to contact us – we're here to help you!

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