The next-generation verinice

With verinice.veo, SerNet is working on the second generation of the verinice DPMS and ISMS tool.
"verinice DPMS" is the new data protection manager and the first product on the platform.


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For verinice.veo, the verinice team combines tried-and-tested key strengths with the latest web technology as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution.

More than 10,000 customers worldwide have installed the verinice ISMS tool since 2007. verinice.veo builds on this legacy of experience - with modern technology in the background and many years of expertise in information security and data protection.

  • Modern technology
  • Fully web-based
  • Experienced support
  • Technical expertise
  • Hosted or on-premise
  • Continuous development

The new data protection manager

verinice DPMS is a data protection manager and supports the fulfillment of data protection obligations according to BDSG and GDPR. At the center are 5 elementary data protection processes:

  • Directory of processing activities
  • Contract processing
  • Data protection impact assessment
  • Data protection incidents
  • Data subject inquiries

The long experience of the verinice team coupled with the new technical foundations of verinice.veo create a user-friendly and comprehensive approach to data protection. In doing so, the DPMS tool goes beyond the minimum legal requirements, makes work easier and creates flexibility for users. The DPMS tool for data protection novices and professionals.

  • Easy data collection
  • Intuitive operation
  • Valuable reports
  • Example demo unit
  • Fulfill obligations
  • Reduce liability risks
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As the first verinice.veo product, a DPMS tool for web-based data protection management in accordance with the GDPR is offered for individual use in companies and public authorities.


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The platform

After 15 years of successful development of verinice since 2006, verinice.veo is completely rebuilt on a modern platform:

Modern web technologies in the frontend enable a tool that feels and operates like a desktop application in the browser. A Kubernetes-based container concept allows for lean and highly scalable server operation in the backend. A distributed database secures every object change in an audit-proof and redundant manner.

The new verinice is no longer sold as standalone software for Windows, Mac or Linux - but can either be subscribed to monthly as a hosted cloud service or be operated in-house, either in the company's own data center or by the trusted hoster.

  • from SerNet
  • Modern frontend
  • HOSTSERVER data center
  • Scalable with Kubernetes
  • Certified to ISO 27001
  • Distributed database

verinice.veo outlook

verinice.veo will replace the previous ISMS tool verinice within the next five years. The migration of existing modeling, e.g., according to ISO 27001, BSI IT Baseline Protection or VDA-ISA/TISAX, will then enable users to switch directly to the new generation of the ISMS tool. The option of on-premise installation in the company's own data center will also be available in the future.

The DPMS tool, which will be the first to be available, will also receive further updates. Among other things, the tracking of trainings and certificates, the creation of custom reports, extensive customization options, the provision of the TOM catalog known from verinice, and the integration of laws in full text are being planned and partly implemented. 

The necessary interfaces of data protection in the DPMS tool with information security in the ISMS tool are considered in verinice.veo from the very beginning.


When the developers of verinice started the new project, they were looking for a catchy short project name. They chose "veo" - Spanish for "I see". When we saw the new verinice during the prototype presentation, we decided to use this name to distinguish the previous verinice software and the new approach as "verinice.veo".

For the own data center or for operation at the own trusted hoster, SerNet will provide an OnPrem version of verinice.veo after general availability of the ISMS tool (Q2 2024).

The product "verinice.veo ISMS-Tool" on the new web platform will be introduced in June/July 2024, first for BSI IT Baseline Protection and immediately afterwards for ISO 27001.

The BSI IT Baseline Protection and ISO 27001 will be supported by verinice.veo ISMS from the beginning as they were before with verinice. VDA-ISA (TISAX), PCI-DSS and other methods will follow immediately. The "old" IT Baseline Protection already discontinued by the BSI will then no longer be supported in verinice.veo.

A migration from verinice. to verinice.veo ISMS will be possible and actively supported by the tool. However, this will not be provided with the first generally available version, but with at least a quarter interval.

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