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ChatGPT as Copilot for Information Security Management

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The verinice.XP 2023 was the meeting point for users of the ISMS tool verinice at the end of February. A special highlight was a report by Alexander Koderman (verinice.TEAM / SerNet GmbH) directly from the verinice lab: the integration of ChatGPT into the new platform verinice.veo using the veo copilot as a browser plugin. Koderman has published the associated code on GitHub:

The entire talk (in German) can be seen at In it, Koderman also immediately cleared up a common misconception when dealing with language models, which can be solved with the necessary background knowledge and the right query. 

Koderman highlights the tremendous progress of language models that everyone has seen in recent weeks and months. Not only can they now solve puzzles faster than humans can even read them. ChatGPT and co. are also now processing the concepts behind them. The impact of AI on information security management is correspondingly far-reaching, he says: "The way we analyze cybersecurity risks, implement measures and ensure compliance will change dramatically." The use of AI-powered tools in information security management has the potential to significantly improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work, he said.

ChatGPT as copilot

Koderman also sees a lot of potential for verinice: "The ongoing development and expansion of language models presents us as tool developers with challenges and opportunities: how can we incorporate natural language interfaces into traditional user interfaces? In the coming months, we will answer these questions and add exciting new features to verinice.veo."

A first answer is already available as an experiment: The veo copilot as a browser plugin. This can be used to test and play in the web-based verinice DSMS, which is available now. In his presentation, Koderman not only demonstrates how this works, but also takes this opportunity to give a little insight into the latest generation verinice. Meanwhile, the copilot also uses the current language model behind ChatGPT, which is now available via the OpenAI API.

More recordings of verinice.XP 2023 will be gradually published on the verinice YouTube channel:

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