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Emergency management has found its way into the ISMS tool verinice and verinice.PRO. As of version 1.25, the Business Continuity Management (BCM) in verinice can be documented based on the BSI standard 200-4 or the international standard ISO 22301. The new version is available for download in the verinice.SHOP or in the customer repository. In total, the verinice.TEAM is delivering around 70 new features, detail changes and bug fixes with verinice 1.25. All changes in detail are listed in the Release Notes.

Identify core processes, capture criticality data, define failure scenarios and determine relevant systems for restart - all this can now be done directly in the IT baseline protection or ISO-ISM perspective. Implementing emergency management directly in the familiar perspectives offers numerous advantages. Tatjana Anisow, product owner verinice: "Users who already maintain their ISMS with verinice can continue to work with data that has already been collected and supplement it with the necessary information for BCM." This synergy between ISMS and BCMS is also interesting for newcomers or first-time users, simplifies the recording and leads to a more efficient, concise procedure. "verinice brings information security, emergency planning and data protection together," says Anisow. This also enables IT security officers, BCM officers and data protection officers to work hand in hand.

"Especially in the area of BCM, we will deliver a lot more in the coming verinice versions," Anisow indicates. She is responsible for the further development of verinice and announces, among other things, the fine-tuning with finalisation of the BSI standard 200-4 as well as an extensive sample organisation including standard reports as an additional module. The sample organisation will be available independently of verinice releases via the verinice.SHOP and aims to considerably simplify work for emergency management.

Do you need support with the update to verinice 1.25? Please contact the verinice team if you have an existing support contract or purchase a support budget via the verinice.SHOP.

The verinice team is also working intensively on verinice.veo, which will enter public beta by the end of the year with verinice.veo DSMS as the first product. More information is available at:


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