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SerNet offers installation, remote and telephone support for verinice

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SerNet offers support for verinice and verinice.PRO – whether you prefer remote or telephone support during operations is up to you. We recommend to make use of it especially when installing verinice.PRO.

You can either sign an individual support contract with us or purchase an immediate support budget directly from the verinice.SHOP.

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Installation Support

The installation of the verinice.PRO appliance or a vernice.PRO server requires the skills of an experienced Linux administrator in order to conduct the necessary configuration, administration and individual integration into the respective corporate network. We recommend to let our experienced system integrators perform the installation. We offer initial installation for a fixed price. Please note that in respect of the appliance only verinice.PRO software contained therein is the subject of the subscription contract. The included operating system CentOS is free software that we use as is directly from the CentOS project website. SerNet accepts no responsibility or liability for CentOS.

In addition you can rely on specialized remote and telephone support.

Remote Support

Remote Support includes answering questions via phone and remote access to the client and/or verinice.PRO server instance using the following technologies:

  • SSH / Reverse SSH: directly on the console of the verinice.PRO server. The customer executes our remote maintenance script that establishes an outbound connection into the SerNet datacenter when needed. With the Unix terminalmultiplixer "screen" we can enable insight to the terminal session.
  • Using desktop sharing / remote control e.g. TeamViewer or WebEx. A simultaneous to the verinice.PRO server is possible e.g. via PuTTY.

Phone Support

Phone support only includes analyzing information provided by the client (configuration files, log files, screenshots etc.) and the subsequent Q&A by phone/email. A remote access to your verinice.PRO server instance and/or your client will not take place.

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